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SuperCar Clubs


Supercar ownership is an expensive affair once you get over the initial dilemma of which car to choose.  Supercar clubs though are a real alternative to private supercar ownership and can potentially save you thousands of pound a year and give you access to a range of exciting cars to drive.


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With supercar clubs, the standard format is a one off membership fee (ranging from £500 to £2,500), followed by an annual fee (£5,000 to £14,500).  For your money you get points which can be 'spent' throughout the year. The points you spend depend on the group of the car (varies with value, maintenance costs and demand), the time of year you hire it and weekday or weekend use.  How your points are used is down to you, but between 35 to 55 days use per year can be expected with a mileage limitation of around 5,000 p.a.


The main advantages are the cost savings as opposed to private ownership.  The car club will look after the maintenance, insurance, servicing and depreciation.  You are therefore spending an limited pre-determined sum where as private supercar ownership can not be so predictable, especially with some cars depreciating £1,000 a week!  5,000 miles in your own Ferrari F430 can cost you over £20,000 (including insurance £1,500, servicing £1,500, tyres & brakes £1,000 and depreciation £15,000.  Add this to the cost of financing it for a year (around £8,000) you can really see the benefits.  All this plus no chance of the novelty wearing off as you get to driving the latest cars.


When choosing which car club to join, shop around.  Prices vary, usually depending on the choice of cars.  Look to see what extras are included such as driving tuition and track days and what is excluded such as delivery and mileage limitations.


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Other Tips

  • With the state of the economy the Segrave car club has gone into administration so don't be surprised if other follow suit.  Do your research on the company.  Check the companies financial position if possible and check how safe your fees are.

  • If a large joining fee and annual commitment is not for you, try who have cars for hire at a daily rate.

  • Check the small print.  What is the insurance excess?  What are you liable for?  Who is insured to drive? What are the delivery charges? Are there any other charges?  Are rates likely to increase next year?

  • Check they have the cars available: What cars do they have and what are they expecting?  How many members are signed up and are more members likely?  What is there car to owner ratio?  Look at their booking procedure and check to see what availability is like for their cars.  Work out what you get for your points depending on your likely requirements.

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