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When looking for cheaper car insurance it is important to shop around.  There are also a few other things you should know to get the cheapest possible policy.


Your insurance premium is worked out an a number of different factors including the type of car that you choose to drive.  UK cars are awarded an insurance group classification rated 1 - 20 (1 being the cheapest and 20 the most expensive).

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Security - There is little you can do to change you post code which determines the risk for where you keep your car.  You can however fit an alarm, immobilizer or tracker.  Also, if possible you can park you car off the street or in a garage which will further bring down your insurance costs.

Mileage - Ensure you quote accurately the miles you will be covering.  Underestimate and you could void your policy.  Overestimate and you will be paying too much.

Assistance - Add an experienced driver on your policy as named drivers can also bring your policy down.

Shop Around - The best way to shop around is online.  Use price comparison sites to search the available deals.  Don't just use just one site as they each search a choice of different insurance companies and brokers.  Also remember, some insurers, for example Direct Line and Norwich Union, don’t use comparison sites so visit their sites directly.


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Other Tips

  • Imported or modified cars are likely to cost you a fair bit more on your premium.

  • Insurance companies are really hot on fraud.  If you are involved in an accident and any of the information you gave is found to be false, then your claim will be refused.  Advise your insurers about any motoring point you have on your licence.  Fronting – where parents add their son or daughter to their motor insurance policy as an occasional named driver, when in fact they are the main driver is also a large problem.
  • Always double check your insurance policy.  Check the vehicle details, driver details, excess amounts and exactly what you are covered for.  If your buying online, some policy make assumptions which may not be correct.
  • If you are a young driver, take an advanced driving course for further discounts.
  • Beware of monthly payment plan as rates are usually very high.  It may be cheaper to borrow elsewhere.
  • Upon renewal of your policy, use your renewal quote as a benchmark.  Most insurers will rely on you being too lazy to shop around.  A quote on their own website will prove the best deals are saved for their new customers.  Call them up and ask for this price.

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First Direct -

First Direct says it will beat new customer's renewal quote from their previous insurer by at least 10%.  T&C apply.


Swiftcover -

Swift Cover is offering new customers £25 off its car insurance when entering code VMD25MY before getting a quote.  T&C apply.


Cashback Sites -

Quidco allows you to save a further £25 to £75 on your policy.  Insurers covered include but not limited to MoreThan (£75), esure (£45), LV (£45), SwiftCover (£45), RAC (£70), Sheilas Wheels (£45) and Norwich Union (£52).




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