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There are some great deals to be had if you are looking to buy a new car.  The sites below will give you an indication of the savings you can hope to make.  If you are not comfortable buying online, or would like the support of your local dealer we suggest you print out the deal that you have seen and take it to the dealer.  Even if they can't match the price, the can probably come close.

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Cut Price Motoring example: New Ford Fiesta 1.4 Zetec 5door. RRP 12,228.

Other Tips

  • Know what you can afford.  If borrowing to buy your car, budget the cost of this too.

  • Check if the car is a 'Grey' or 'Parallel' Import.  Although you may be getting exactly the same car, check the warranty and remember, you may be saving more off the list price now, but it's likely it will depreciate more.  Other things to check are insurance and ensuring the car comply with UK regulations.

  • A pre-registered car is one that has already been registered with the DVLA.  Usually these still only have delivery miles on the car.  Some brokers allow you to build your car to order (i.e. colour and options) and they will pre-register it for you.  This allows you to obtain the exact car you want at a discounted price although you wont be listed as the first owner on the log book.

  • Dealers and salesmen have targets therefore are more likely to do the deal come the end of the month, or even better, end of quarter.  Avoid busy times such as registration plate changes and new model launches.

  • Look at the running costs of the car.  These include fuel efficiency, tax band, servicing, insurance group, warranty length and depreciation.

  • Always make sure you haggle.  Shop around and visit at least two dealers.  You will find prices do vary even between main franchise dealers.

  • Are you part exchanging?  This is most likely not the best way to save money.  Look here for the other options available to you of how to sell your car.

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