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Reduce your annual petrol bill


To reduce your annual petrol bill, there are a number of simple steps to start saving.  First you can change your driving style, then you can make your car more efficient and finally, as with most categories on this site, you shop around!

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Drive efficiently

  • Drive smoothly: Accelerate gently when pulling away and reduce aggressive accelerating or braking.
  • Read the road ahead when driving.  By anticipating what is coming up, you'll save fuel by starting to slow down early and not needing to come to a stop, therefore using less fuel to pull away.
  • Don't rev the engine whilst stationary as it wastes fuel.  Modern car engines don't need to be warmed up either.  When the engine is idling you're wasting fuel. If you're likely to be at a standstill for more than three minutes, switch off the engine.
  • Correct changing of gears saves fuel.   Change up into a higher gear as soon as itís possible and safe to do so.
  • The faster you go, the more fuel you'll use.  Doing 80mph on the motorway will use between 10% and 20% more fuel than doing 70mph.
  • Turn off the air conditioning when you can and avoid opening the windows when driving at speed as this can increase aerodynamic drag which will waste more fuel.
  • Plan your journey, including going the most efficient route, for example the most direct route where you will encounter the least traffic.  Also try to fill up when your passing a petrol station as your wasting fuel if you need to go out of your way to fill up.  Try to avoid motorway service stations as they are almost always more expensive.

Make your car more efficient

  • Avoid having a roof rack on your car unless you are using it as this again increases aerodynamic drag.
  • Clear non essentials out of your boot as the heavier the load the more fuel your car consumes.
  • Check that your tyres pressure are at the manufacturers' recommended level as they will be more fuel efficient.  Having the correct wheel alignment can also save you money.
  • Fuel is heavy, so by not filling up, you reduce the cars weight. The less fuel your car has in it, the more efficiently it drives. 

Shop around

  • Shop around for the cheapest petrol stations by using the dedicated sites listed below.  Register for free and search by postcode.  While the difference is only a few pence, in percentage terms it can be up to 5% off your annual fuel bill.

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Other Tips

  • Public transport may be cheaper than driving, especially if you are the only passenger and you book online and in advance.

  • Reduce the amount you drive.  Consider sharing your car journeys with a colleague at work or check out some lift share schemes.
  • Consider buying a newer efficient car can save you money on tax and maintenance as well as fuel.

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Egg -

Egg are offering 2% instant cash back of fuel purchased at Shell petrol stations.  Offer until 31 March 2008, see site for T&C.


Morrisons -

A Morrisons Miles Card allows you to collect points every time you fill up which can be redeemed against fuel.


Shell -

Receive three per cent cash back to be redeemed on fuel by using the Shell MasterCard to pay for fuel at certain Shell garages. 


In Store Promotions

Look out for in store promotions such as "spend £50 and get a 5p off/litre voucher" deals.  These are usually promoted in store and in the national press by the leading superstores.

Cash Back Offers

Use your credit cards to earn cashback.  The percentage varies but the best offer at the time of writing is American Express Platinum Moneyback Card offering 5% cashback for the first 3 months and 1.5% thereafter.


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