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Below are some more short articles which can help you cut the cost of motoring.

save money while motoring

Lift shares


Lift sharing is a great option to lessening the amount of driver only cars on the road.  It will also save you money on petrol and parking, plus the cost maintaining your car as it will reduce your annual mileage.  Additional benefits are a reduction in the amount of CO2 released into the atmosphere. 


Lift shares are nothing new amongst work colleagues and friends as they are easy to arrange.   Recently new website communities have been establish and grown in popularity.  These sites are free to use and allow users to search for a lift or offer lifts to others whether it is a daily journey or a one off.


There are many local schemes and council run schemes available.  The largest national sites are listed below. - find car shares, meet new friends and explore new places - 297,624 individuals have registered over a million trips


Airport Parking


Sometimes airport parking is a necessity and in today's markets you will sometimes find you are paying more for airport parking than you do for your flights.  Generally the longer you park for, the cheaper the daily rate.  Likewise the further you are from the terminal, the cheaper your ticket.


Luckily there's now a few more factors which can influence how much you pay and reduce you costs.  You can save up to 60% by paying for your parking online, in advance.  The earlier you book, the better the deals.  There are hundreds of sites to choose from, the largest of which are listed below. - Airport parking across the UK - Airport parking and UK car parks - Airport parking and airport hotels - Established in 1980 offering a wide range of travel services - Airparks offer secured parking from just 2.99 a day


Parking Ticket Appeals


If you return to your car to your car to find a parking ticket, which typically range from a fine of 30 to 50 (if paid with 14 days) or a clamp, you may after a few curses accept your loses and pay.


If you believe however that you should not have been given a ticket, you can challenge it directly with the penalty-issuing authority.  It also worth checking over all the details of your ticket to ensure they are correct, otherwise the ticket could be void.


A great resource for Parking Ticket Appeals and a free template letters can be found here;


Driving Lessons

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In Car Entertainment & Sat Nav


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Complaining when your warranty claim is rejected


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Disposing of an old car


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