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A quick search for 205/55/16 tyres on one website give single tyre prices from as little as 35 to as high as 165. With car tyres however there is an element of 'you get what you pay for'.  Our guide is therefore here to help you get tyres for cheap, not cheap tyres.

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First ensure you're getting the right tyre.  Refer to your car manual or tyre supplier for advice or the tyre side walls, bearing in mind some cars occasionally have different sized tyres on the front and back.  Kwik-Fit here provide a useful guide about the writing on the side of the tyre.


It's up to you how much you want to spend.  You decide which tyre is best for you based on your budget and driving style.  Once you have decided, or narrowed down your search, you can then compare prices.  The price of a specific tyre, the same brand and spec, can vary significantly.  For example a search for Pirelli P7 205/55/16 (V) yielded results from 57 up to 97.  If you're looking to replaced all 4 tyres, you could be saving 160. 


Your first port of call may be your local tyre specialist, especially if you need your tyres quick.  If you're not in a hurry to replace your tyres, check out the useful links below for some internet sites worth comparing.  Remember you will also need to pay for postage if ordering on the internet and fitting, balancing and tyre disposal.  Most sites will be able to quote you a price for your tyres fitted, either by sending out a patrol to your home or work to fit them or by appointing you to one of their local tyre centres.  Call your local independant garage too for a fitting quote as this may work out cheaper to simply order the tyres delivered to your door, and you have the fitted at your convinence.


If you are not comfortable buying online, or would like the support of your local tyre supplier we suggest you print out the best deals that you have seen and take it to the supplier.  Even if they cant match the price, the will probably be able to come close.


Car Brakes


Like car tyres, brakes vary significantly in price.  When looking for disc & pads its always worth shopping around.  If you have your car serviced regularly, your garage or MOT centre will usually advise you if your brakes need replacing, and if so, what work needs doing (i.e. just discs, pads or both and front or rear).  Take their quote as a benchmark and ask them to quote you for both the parts and labour costs (approx half hour to 1 hour labour).


Obtain similar quotes from your local tyre & exhaust centre and try sourcing your parts from the internet (see useful links below).  Remember to factor in delivery charges.  Buying your parts online and having a local garage or tyre & exhaust centre fitting them will usually work out cheapest.


To save of labour costs, consider using a specialist garage rather than a franchise dealer to you local tyre and exhaust specialist.


Useful Links


Car Tyres

Car Tyres & Brakes

  • - Search by vehicle, vehicle registration number or tyre size.  Discounts for multiple purchased

  • - Impartial advice and competitive online & offline prices

Car Brakes

Other Tips

  • Check that you have the correct tyre pressure to save money.  Correct tyre pressure can help to extend the life of your tyre, improve vehicle safety and maintain fuel efficiency.

  • See our Save on Car Parts / Repairs guide for more advice and information.

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Save 3% to 5% on tyres by using cashback sites such as Quidco, Topcashback and Wepromiseto.


Blackcircles often have discount offers but you have to search for the codes using the voucher sites.  Normally its 5% off.  See


Buy official discs and pads from eurocarparts then take them to your dealer for fitting.  You'll find the dealer is charging you 30 to 50% more for exactly the same part!!!


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